Hama Vario ND2-400 Grey Filter, coated, 82.0 mm

Hama Vario ND2-400 Grey Filter, coated, 82.0 mm
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- Adjustable filter for the targeted reduction of light
- Lighting extension between +1 and +8 (ND2-400) aperture values possible
- Rotary mount for individual adjustment
- Coating: one layer on each side
- Quality class (glass): high-quality lens glass

Picture impact:
- Allows large aperture openings, e.g. for portrait and outdoor shots in extreme brightness: Background noise causes the person being photographed to stand out significantly against the foreground.
- Running water is portrayed as soft by long exposure times
- In very dark conditions, creates an impressionistic image

Note for Consumers:
To avoid vignetting, this filter has an overhang of the front lens, i.e. the diameter of the front lens is larger than that of the rear lens. Please note therefore that an 86 mm lens cover will be required.

Technical details:
Front Thread: Yes
Mount Thickness: 7 mm
Filter Thread: 82 mm
Filter Type: Variable Grey Tone
Type of Glass: High-Grade Lens Glass
Grey Tone: 2x - 400x
Metal Mount: Black
Coating: Coated

- výška: 2,2
- šířka: 10,1
- délka: 11,6
- váha: 99
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